Poster Presentations
Poster Session 1 - Rubrics for Judges
Presenter Abstract
Abigail KahlerTailoring Hydrologic Modeling For Improved Water Resources Decision Support
Amaya SingletonEvaluating A Simple Model Of Wastewater Transport In The Ocean Along Coastal Communities
Ben WestImplementing Reservoir Operations In Parflow, A Fully Integrated Physical Hydrology Model
Adriana ArcelayAssessing The Impact Of Climate Change On Localized Flooding And Affected Populations
Adam StratmanOrigins And Residence Times Of Water Supporting O’Donnell Creek Cienega In Southeastern Arizona
Danielle TadychExploring Connections Between Groundwater Storage And Management Settings Using Observations From Groundwater Wells And Grace Data In Arizona
Josh ArdenAnalysis Of The Efficacy Of The Kino Environmental Restoration Project: A Comparison Between Flow Data And Formula Predictions
Claire AckeA Global Climatology Of Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification And Its Relationship To Teleconnection Indices
Danielle RehwoldtHydrochemical Assessment Of Rare Earth Elements In Various Formation Water Types In The Paradox Basin
Charles Andrew HoopesImproving Mountain Snowfall Forecasts In The Southwestern Us Using Machine Learning Methods
Changpeng FanSimulating Microbial Functional Composition Across Diverse Environments Through Machine Learning
David MurrayWhere The Decision Tree Grows: Can Machine Learning Design A Groundwater Monitoring Network?
Connal BoydWater In The Bank: Budgets, Savings, And Uses In Residential Tucson
Alexa MarcovecchioSimilarities And Differences Of Marine Boundary Layer Cloud And Drizzle Properties Measured Over Two Hemispheres
Constantinos ManoliFace Mask Filtration Efficiency In A Classroom Environment
Dave WessnerLearning the Scientific Method through an Evolving Hydrologic Experiment
Poster Session 2 - Rubrics for Judges
Presenter Abstract
Jihyun KimNatural Gas Isotope Signals Of Thermal Maturity And Oxidation Of Hydrocarbons In The Paradox Basin
Xenia De GraciaConceptual Model Of Mining Tailings Columns For Reactive Contaminant Transport Experiments.
Matthew FordMapping Changing Cropping Patterns In The State Of Arizona And Their Connection To Groundwater Regulation And Water Availability.
Hannah HansenAgricultural Water And Crop Decisions In Central Arizona
Jake SmithStormwater Harvesting Potential Within Massingale Watershed
Justin HeadleyQuantifying Groundwater Contribution To Streamflow In Cienega Creek During The 2021 North American Monsoon
Benjamin MitchellAdding Prediction Uncertainty To An Online Groundwater Modeling Tool To Support Stakeholder Decision-Making
Quinn HullHow To Calibrate A Process-Based Model Using Deep-Learning: Applying Simulation-Based Inference To A Hydrologic Model Of The Upper Colorado River Basin
Lauren CutlerRe-Evaluation Of Low Cloud Amount Relationships With Lower-Tropospheric Stability And Estimated Inversion Strength
Stella HeflinBias-Adjusted Satellite-Based And Reanalysis Products Show Agreement In Estimating North American Monsoon Season Precipitation
Mekha PereiraStatistical Relationships Between Groundwater, Economic, And Climatic Variables In Southeastern Arizona
(ICREWW) An Analysis Of The Relation Between Precipitation, Streamflow, And Phenology Data In The Tohono Chul Park Region, Tucson, Arizona
Ava LasaterPhenological Phase Timing In Relation To Climate Variables
Lidia Irene Benítez ValenzuelaLand/Sea Breeze Influence On Atmospheric Stability And Turbulent Fluxes Over A Subtropical Semiarid Coastal Lagoon In The Gulf Of California
Francisco Javier Gaxiola OrtizSoil Moisture Drydown Curves After Flooding Events Accross An Irrigated Farmland
Lauren KnickrehmAn Ensemble Approach In Modeling Atmospheric Dispersion Of Pesticide Spray Drift In Yuma County: Results And Next Steps
Dylan GironeA Forecast Evaluation Of The North American Summer Monsoon Precipitation Near Arizona In Recent Years
Sam DahlThe Influence Of Mid-Latitude Systems On The Predictability Of Rapidly Intensifying (Ri) Hurricanes In The Gulf Of Mexico
Wenqian ZhangCan Hydrologists Study Fuel Cells?