Agricultural Water And Crop Decisions In Central Arizona

Presenter: Hannah Hansen1
Co-Author(s): -
Advisor(s): Dr. Bonnie Colby
1Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Arizona

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We examine agricultural water use and crop mix selection in the major irrigation districts of central Arizona. With the federal declaration of a Colorado River shortage, farmers in central Arizona face cutbacks of their surface water deliveries through the Central Arizona Project and may switch to using more groundwater. In this analysis, we develop statistical models of crop mix and crop acreage in the Phoenix, Pinal, and Tucson AMAs. Using data from 2008-2020, economic and climatic variables (crop prices, crop yields, water prices, temperature, and precipitation) are examined for effects on farmers’ water application, acreage, and crop mix decisions. We analyze the impact that federal crop insurance programs for cotton have on planting decisions and develop recommendations for managing the impacts of impending changes in central Arizona’s agricultural CAP supplies.

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