Water In The Bank: Budgets, Savings, And Uses In Residential Tucson

Presenter: Connal Boyd1
Co-Author(s): -
Advisor(s): Dr. Tom Meixner
1Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona

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While periodic drought is not uncommon in the Sonoran Desert, the increasing effects of climate change could lead to more frequent and intense drought across Arizona. Voluntary water-saving measures have played a key role in reducing water use in the Tucson community, yet the success of these measures can be difficult to identify. This project attempts to quantify the current water use in a Tucson residential community and examine how proposed water-saving scenarios will impact both small- and large-scale water use in the selected community. Approximately three years of monthly, residential water use data were collected between 2018 and 2021 and forwarded to staff at Watershed Management Group (WMG) for further study. Total average water use for the study period was identified and water budgets were used to confirm the value reported for each household. After all water budgets were completed, two water-saving scenarios were created for proposed implementation at the homes. Quantification of the impact of individual water-saving suggestions is still in progress. Once work has concluded on this step, water budgets will be adjusted to include any changes to residential water supplies or demands based on the proposed scenarios to determine water-saving impacts in the dataset. Additional steps will be taken to scale these water-savings and apply them to the larger community from which the original data was collected. Any preliminary results of this work will be reported at the time of this conference.

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