Oral Presentations
Oral Session 1: Weather and Hydroclimate Extremes - Rubrics for Judges
Student Moderator: Alcely Lau
Presenter Time Abstract
Diana Zamora-Reyes11:30On The Unprecedented Character Of Enhanced Hydroclimate Variability In California Over The Past 600 Years
Patricia Puente11:41Connections Between Low Frequency Streamflow Extremes And Nonlinear Dynamics In The Upper Colorado Basin
Amanda Triplett11:52Climate Warming-Driven Changes In The Cryosphere And Their Impact On Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions In The Heihe River Basin
Lourdes Mendoza-Fierro12:03Evaluating Extreme Precipitation Forecasts In Tarapacá, Chile Region Using Convective-Permitting Modeling
Neha Gupta12:14Hydrological Evaluation Of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Implementation In Semi-Arid Nested Catchments
Mohammad Marza12:25Li Content Of Oil Field And Other Sedimentary Basin Brines
Oral Session 2: Data-Driven and Physically-Based Modeling - Rubrics for Judges
Student Moderator: Abigail Kahler
Presenter Time Abstract
Reza Ehsani13:45Nowcasting-Nets: Representation Learning For Satellite-Based Precipitation Nowcasting Using Convolutional And Recurrent Neural Networks
Luis De la Fuente13:56Hydro-Lstm: A Hydrological Approach To Lstm Machine Learning Based Modeling
Jetal Agnihotri14:07Investing The Impacts Of Frozen Soil Representation On High-Resolution Streamflow Simulation At The Continental Scale
Camilo Salcedo14:18Near-Optimal Selection Of Multi-Confirmatory Sampling Locations In Water Distribution Systems
Sidian Chen14:29Pore-Scale Modeling Of Multiphase Fluid Flow, Multispecies Transport, And Phase Change In Nanoporous Materials
Yuan-Heng Wang14:40Bridging The Gap Between Physical-Conceptual Modeling And Machine Learning For Catchment-Scale Rainfall-Runoff Modeling
Oral Session 3: Aerosols, Isotopes, and Soils - Rubrics for Judges
Student Moderator: Hannah Haugen
Presenter Time Abstract
Genie Lorenzo15:55An Aerosol Climatology Via Remote Sensing Over Metro Manila, Philippines
Mostafa Javadian16:06Canopy Temperature Is Regulated By Ecosystem Structural Traits And Captures The Ecohydrologic Dynamics Of A Semiarid Mixed Conifer Forest Site
Xueyan Zhang16:17The Control Of Plant And Soil Hydraulics On The Interannual Variability Of Plant Carbon Uptake Over The Central Us
Diana Hsieh16:28 Using Isotopes And Modeling To Determine Effects Of Rock Dams On Infiltration
Chandler Noyes16:39Using Argon-39, Noble Gases, And Water Stable Isotopes To Infer Changes In Recharge To The Semi-Arid Tucson Basin (Arizona, Usa) Over The Holocene
Chayan Roychoudhury16:50Do Aerosols Really Matter Over High Mountain Asia?