Pore-Scale Modeling Of Multiphase Fluid Flow, Multispecies Transport, And Phase Change In Nanoporous Materials

Presenter: Sidian Chen1
Co-Author(s): Jiamin Jiang
Advisor(s): Dr. Bo Guo
1Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona

Panapto Presentation Video
Oral Session 2: Data-Driven and Physically-Based Modeling

Flow and transport of multiple fluids and species in porous materials are often controlled by thermodynamic phase change behaviors such as evaporation and condensation. In nanometer-scale pore spaces, the phase change behavior of a fluid becomes abnormal—the pressure and temperature that the fluid begins to evaporate or condensate in nanometer-scale pore spaces can significantly differ from that in micrometer-scale or larger pore spaces. Yet, natural nanoporous materials (e.g., shale rocks) often contain a huge number of interconnected pores whose sizes span from nanometers to sub-micrometers. In addition, this so-called nanoconfined phase change dynamics can also interact with multiphase flow dynamics and transport posing a great challenge to understand and model the transport processes in nanoporous materials. To address this challenge, we develop a novel micro-scale (i.e., pore-scale) modeling framework that for the first time allows for simulating multiphase flow, multispecies transport, and nanoconfined phase change in the multiscale pore structures of nanoporous materials. The applicability of the new modeling framework will be illustrated by a series of numerical experiments in 3D nanopore structures.

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