Near-Optimal Selection Of Multi-Confirmatory Sampling Locations In Water Distribution Systems

Presenter: Camilo Salcedo1
Co-Author(s): -
Advisor(s): Dr. Dominic Boccelli
1Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics, University of Arizona

Panapto Presentation Video
Oral Session 2: Data-Driven and Physically-Based Modeling

In Water Distribution Systems (WDS), fixed sensors have been widely used to detect contamination events and identify their source location in a timely manner. However, due to limitations such as budget and specificity in the contaminant that can be detected, these sensors are not sufficient to fully characterize a potential contamination event. In this context, previous research developed by our group has demonstrated the feasibility of including Confirmatory Sampling Locations (CSL) as an alternative to gather new information whether a junction in the network is contaminated - or not - in real-time, thereby improving the performance of a contaminant spread algorithm. Moreover, the use of heuristic methodologies such as Genetic Algorithms (GA) will be presented as an approach to simultaneously identify a near-optimal set of multiple confirmatory sampling locations, considering a forecasted spread of the contaminant in the network.

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